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Amanda Knox makes final plea in appeal hearing
Amanda Knox Tells ABC News: "I Will Never Go Willing Back" To Italy
A Man's Body Is Found In The Wheel Well Of A South African Airways Plane At A Washington Area Airport
Amateur Video Captures Aftermath Of Car Crash That Killed Two At South By Southwest Festival
Amateur video purports to show night-time Iran protests
American Airlines makes historic $40 billion plane order
American dream lost: Protesters "out of work, out of town, and fed up"
American highliner walks the line
American Killed In Jamaica During A Shooting Between Police And Robbers
Americans leave Iran jail
Amid Dangers, Mogadishu Residents Relish Ordinary Pleasures
Amnesty: Bahrain fails to curb rights violations
Amnesty calls on Haiti to arrest "Baby Doc"
Amnesty calls Russia's case against Pussy Riot band members "barbaric"
Amnesty International calls on Mexico to sign anti-poverty treaty
Amnesty International urges Ireland to relax abortion laws
Amnesty releases satellite images of Aleppo bombing
A mosque and church planned under one roof
Amphibian hunt ends in disappointment
Amplats threatens legal action if wildcat strikers don't return to work by Thursday's night shift
Analyst predicts military coup in Syria
Analyst says a ratings agency declaration of "restrictive default" not an issue
Analyst Says Cyprus Levy On Deposits Will Help Putin Plan To Repatriate Capital
An Ammonia Leak Is Detected Outside Of The International Space Station
Ancient African drum on display at British Museum
Ancient City Of Jericho To Host Peace Talks
An experiment in eco-tourism hits a beach in Sierra Leone
An experiment in eco-tourism hits a beach in Sierra Leone.
Anger And Frustration In Rome Over Resignations Of Berlusconi's Ministers
Anger and sadness over Afghan deaths
Anger Continues To Grip Cairo
Anger On Streets As Bangladesh Building Toll Passes 300
Anger Over British 'Collusion' Reports In 1984 Amritsar Raid
Anger Over Zimmerman Verdict
Anglican community in Jerusalem shocked at Church of England female bishop vote
Anglican Priest Arrested In Moscow For Smuggling Cocaine
Angola benefits from a building boom
Angry Pakistan Summons Envoy After U.S. Drone Strike Kills Nine
A nine-year old girl commits sucicide by jumping from fifth floor
An Irish welcome for O'Bama
Anish Kapoor goes 'Gangnam Style' in support of Ai Weiwei
Annan says Africa's economic growth depends on it's leadership
Annual animal migration starts in East Africa's savanna
'Anonymous' Hackers Target U.S Department Of Justice Website
Anonymous Poster On Social Media Threatens Shooting Spree In The Netherlands
Another ferry runs aground in Italy, passengers are rescued unharmed
Another Migrant Boat Sinks Off Italian Coast
Anti-Abortion Protesters Mark 40 Years Of Legal Abortion
Anti-African violence sweeps across Israel
Anti-Assad Lebanese Ex-Minister Killed In Beirut Blast
151-200 of 4520