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Frontline founder surprised by Assange asylum bid
Fuel and commodity prices rise in Sudan ahead of the south's referendum on secession
Fuel Subsidies Distort Economy Says Saudi Minister
Fugitive Snowden In Running For European Rights Prize
Fukushima Nuke Plant Leak Worse Than Thought
Funeral ceremony for Ghana's President John Atta Mills
Funeral preps at Megrahi home, brother says he was 'accused innocent'
Funnel Cloud Forms In Oklahoma
Furloughed U.S. Defense Employees Return To Work As Shutdown Enters Week Two
Future of Middle East peace looks hazy on 'E1' hill
G20 leaders fudge deal on balance indicators
G8 Tax Avoidance Battle Begins
Gaddafi blames bin Laden
Gaddafi dead confirms NTC vice chairman
Gaddafi has "inferiority complex"
Gaddafi spy chief arrested
Gaddafi supporters counter Libya's "day of rage"
Games on the brain at Tokyo Game Show
Gang Crime Threatens The Future Of Congo's Capital
Gas Tanker Truck Explodes Outside Mexico City, Kills At Least 18
Gates pledges further 750 million US dollars to troubled AIDS fund
Gates says U.S. to fly armed drones over Libya
Gay Christians In Brazil Flock To Expanding "Gay Church"
Gay Man Killed In Russia's Second Suspected Hate Crime In Weeks
Gay Pride Marked Around The World
Gay Pride parades through New York City
Gaza aid activists plan to launch larger flotilla
Gaza rockets hit southern Israel
Gbagbo held in Ivory Coast
General Allen under investigation amid sex scandal involving former CIA Director David Petraeus
George Clooney: Global Warming Deniers "Stupid"
George Clooney, John Kerry speak up for Abyei and Darfur
George Clooney receives award at ball
George Osborne Mask Protest Demands UK Tackle Tax Avoidance And Global Hunger
George Zimmerman Acquitted Of All Charges For Killing Of Trayvon Martin
Geraldine Ferraro, first woman on a U.S. presidential ticket, dies of cancer
German apology without reparations an 'insult', say Namibia's Herero and Nama
German Artist Acquitted After Nazi Salute
German Chancellor Merkel Mistakes Hollande For Mitterrand
German court upholds sales ban on Samsung tablets in Germany
German defence minister resigns over plagiarism row
German Police Arrest Alleged Former Auschwitz Guard Lipschis
German scientists search for source of deadly E.Coli bacteria
Germans Protest Against U.S. Surveillance Programmes
Germany can act as international frontrunner in nuclear phase-out, says Chancellor Merkel.
Germany Could Challenge Recluse's Ownership Of Nazi-Looted Art
Germany finally settles World War One debts
Germany Investigates Possible Organic Egg Fraud
Germany's DAX down more than 5 percent, recession fears grow
Germany's Merkel dealt heavy blow in state vote
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