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Anti-Berlusconi protests turn violent
Anti-Capitalists Protest High Finance, Cyprus Bailout In Paris Demonstration
Anti-capitalists stand their ground at two London sites
Anti-Communist pastor Gauck elected German president
Anti Corruption Organisation Tells Snowden Not To Give Evidence To Keep His Political Profil High
Anti-Euro Party Founded In Germany Ahead Of Election
Anti-EU UKIP party wins first elected seat in British parliament
Anti-G8 Protesters March Through The Streets Of London
Anti-gay law to take effect in Russia's second city St. Petersburg
Anti-Islam protesters gather in Sweden
Anti-Mubarak protests widen in Cairo
Anti-Murdoch demo outside UK parliament
Anti-Murdoch protesters outside hearing venue
Anti-racism protesters rally in Athens after stabbing
Anti rape protests in India to catalyze movement against sex crimes globally- U.S activist
An unpiloted Russian cargo spacecraft re-docks to the International Space Station
Apartheid-era foreign minister is hospitalised
Apartheid Icon Will Not Commemorate 50th Anniversary Of His Arrest At Liliesleaf Farm
A person of interest in Arizona
A Photographer Films His Own Death In Egypt
A Pope For Austerity
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak queues for iPhone in Brisbane
Apple opens biggest store in mainland China
Apple shareholders greeted with human rights protest
Apple's latest tablet hits the stores
Aquarium explosion in Shanghai blamed on material aging
Arab and African journalists challenge Western dominance of media world
Arab Anger Over Israeli Plans To Relocate Bedouins
Arab League calls for Syria's Assad to go
Arab League Report Slams U.S. Security Ideas For Palestine
Arab League suspends Libya from future session
Arab League suspends Syria, demands end to killing
Arab League Welcomes Russian Negotiations To End Syrian Civil War
Arafat's death investigation proves difficult: researchers
A rare four-legged chicken hatches in India’s northeastern state
A rare look into North Korea
Archaeologists discover ancient Mayan burial ground near Chichen Itza
Archaeologists Discover Grains Stored In Tomb 2,000 Years Ago In NW China
Archaeologists Uncover At Least 35 Ancient Tombs In Lambayeque, Peru
Archaeologists Unearth Mayan Frieze From Buried Pyramid
Archbishop Desmond Tutu awarded with special Mo Ibrahim Foundation prize
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu says South Africa has improved AIDS policies
Archivists Document Mandela's Life
A rescue team of 1000 finds no survivors in China landslide
A review on how Africans dealt with some 2012 political events
Argentina Arrests 30 In Global Paedophile Crackdown
Argentina Swears In Head Of New Secretariat Created For Falkland Dispute
Argentina to sue over Falklands oil exploration
Argentine Legislators Debate Controversial Argentina-Iran Truth Commission
Ariel Castro Charged In Cleveland Kidnappings
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