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Leader Of British Anti-Islamist Protest Group Quits Over Extremism
Leader of UN investigative team charges Syria with human rights violations
Leaders meet to save wild tigers
LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian renew their vows
Lebanon Forms Government After 10-Month Deadlock
Lebanon Struggles To Cope With Syrian Refugee Influx
Legalising drugs is not the answer to ending drug violence, says Obama
Legendary guitar maker to rock Wall Street with IPO
Le Pen - queen of France's far right, now seen as kingmaker
Le Pen says waiting for Sarkozy's answers about cabinet jobs before endorsing
Libya Advertises Central Bank Governor Job Online
Libya Clamps Down On Illegal Migrant Workers
Libya frees two detained British journalists
Libyan envoy tells U.N. rights forum he serves 'free will' of his people
Libyan fighter jets land in Malta
Libyan government says taking woman's rape claims seriously
Libyan leader says he won't step down
Libyans celebrate capture of Gaddafi spokesman
Libyan TV shows footage of the body of Gaddafi's son allegedly killed in a NATO airstrike
Libyan woman claiming rape is muzzled
Libyan woman dragged away after desparate plea claiming abuse by Gaddafi men
Libya postpones landmark election to July 7
Libya's NTC hands over power to new national assembly
Libya, Somalia Raids Show U.S. Pressure On Al Qaeda, White House Says
Life! Yearender 2012 - Part 2
Lights on at U.S. embassy in Rome but no Amanda
Lights out - to protect the environment
Limburg Residents React To Pope's Decision To Ban "Luxury Bishop" From Diocese
Lindsay Lohan tweets that she fails court ordered drug test
Lion Air Crash Survivors Say There Was "No Warning"
Lion Found Hanged To Death At Zoo
LIVE Superstorm Sandy Coverage
Local Doctor Speaks Out About Alleged Gas Attack In Damascus
Locally made car makes a comeback in Madagascar
Local Rwanda genocide courts close their doors
Lockerbie bomber al-Megrahi alive two years after cancer release
Lockerbie bomber Megrahi dies in Libya - brother
Londoners dodge traffic by working from home
London is global media hotspot
London looks to the future
London reels after third night of rioting
London's Boris Johnson mocks Romney over Olympics comments
London's Chinese usher in Year of the Dragon
London's famous "tube" is 150-years-old
London's famous "tube" is 150-years-old
London Shard to become Europe's first 'vertical town'
London "Slave" Women Held With 'Invisible Handcuffs' - Police
London taxi drivers stage Olympic protest
London unveils 9/11 memorial
London Welcomes Year Of The Snake
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