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Flight attendant threatens plane security

posted 10 Mar 2012, 01:10 by Mpelembe   [ updated 10 Mar 2012, 01:11 ]

An American flight attendant is restrained by passengers after she started making inflammatory remarks over the PA system, just before takeoff. Sophia Soo reports.

USA-PLANE DISTURBANCE - Just before take off, a female flight attendant started ranting about a possible crash over the PA system of this American Airlines flight.

The pilot had to taxi back to the gate at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, where police and FBI agents took the unidentified flight attendant for a psychiatric evaluation.

Passengers who arrived later at Chicago said it seemed unreal.


"At first I thought it was a reality show or something was going on because it didn't seem real that this would happen. But then everyone else was getting out their video cameras and cell phones and calling people and just informing people that 'hey, we're on this flight, look out for it', they're not sure what's going to happen."

After returning to the gate, the plane's cabin crew was replaced and the flight departed about 80 minutes late.

American Airlines later issued a statement saying "two flight attendants were taken to local hospitals for treatment".

Sophia Soo, Reuters.